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About Founder & The RUBAB Story

The idea got stuck while reading a random newspaper article on mens grooming back in 2018. I was waiting at famous chai stall on a busy street of Pune to meet my brother before he rushed to his job and I went back to studies. Very then, I discussed the idea of Rubab Men, a quality focused mass brand proudly based and manufactured in India. Bhai didn’t discourage but neither had any clue on how serious I was. I decided to go for this entrepreneurial journey as quiet as possible; since I was just an exam away to complete my CA, so naturally I was aware that parents will never agree for me to drop out at final stage. Later, with just 3 products researched for over an year, stocked with barely few dozen units and sponsored secretly by liquidating my SIP savings, Rubab Men was launched on the Amazon portal in late 2019. Even today, I wittily say the initial investment was just ₹16/- for those two cups of ‘Cutting Chai’. Honestly, as a brand that’s how lean we wish to stay going ahead. I believe lack of funds for any entrepreneur can always be challenged with patience, ground work & disruptive attitude. Also such journey for growth can be slow but the learning curve is exponentially high...

Here at Rubab Men, the idea too is reverse but really simple. Products are not launched purely because the market for that segment is hot, but, we try to keep researching on various products in a segment and only after deeply satisfied with its quality, we evaluate if the product can be strategically launched or not. We’re going to sell something to you only if we have been using it ourselves in the first place. I do hope you like, admire and enjoy using the products curated to meet all your needs. Ultimately, ‘brand grows’ as outcome of your word of mouth for products you purchase and adore. I thank you for taking out time to read about the journey of Rubab Men. 


Our Story

Founded with the core philosophy of creating niche products and services for the the man - who cares. RUBAB MEN has created a commonplace name in the Men's Grooming circles. At Rubab Men, we make high-utility men's grooming products that respond to every need of men. We offer a vast and innovative range of products that allow men to keep up a suave profile while being on the go. We use high-quality materials that deliver great performance and durability as well. With us, men are able to look flawless and feel confident all the time.Rubab Men is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.

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Our mission

The brand takes the responsibility of 2 core propositions: First, making must-have products available at prices that makes sense. Second, ensuring a well researched, precisely tested and extremely high quality products are launched without the rush.

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Quality Products

We insist on sourcing the best of natural materials and craftsmanship to bring out gratifying ownership and user experience.

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Sensibly Priced

We work on highly thin margins and are striving to make our mark in the market and your hearts. RUBAB MEN products are 100% value for the price you pay.

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Genuinely Made in India

Our Core Philosophy is pretty Nationalistic and we feel Proud when we say all our products are result of consistent efforts and indigenous research unlike other aggregators who simply pass off cheap imports to unsuspecting buyers.

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